In the fast moving modern world we are becoming a nation of Inflammation. It touches all aspects of our lives: our health, spiritual and social interactions. Experience shows that our lifestyle affects how we feel and how we look.

Human skin, the largest body organ, functions to protect, regulate and eliminate toxins. With changes in our environment, our skin changes, and many times not for the best. Inflammatory conditions of the skin such as HyperpigmentationAdult AcneRosaceaBroken Capillaries, Actinic Keratosis, and Skin Cancer are on the rise.

We all age; nothing will change that. But we can age in a healthy way - not speeding up that natural process. Your skin health is not a vanity;  it is vital to your total health. We use advanced, proven and well-researched technology: Laser Hair RemovalClear and Brilliant LaserIntense Pulsed Light (IPL), Dermapen Microneedling Collagen Induction TherapyChemical PeelsClinical Facials, and highest grade Skin Care Products such as ObagiIS Clinical, SkinCeuticals and others from US and Europe.



medical esthetician charlotte nc

Practicing Medical Aeshetician since 2003. Master Degree in Science from Eastern Washington University. She has extensive experience in the medical skin care with laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, IPL photofacial, chemical peels, dermaplane, microneedling, scar treatments, skin tightening and clinical facials.

Has years of experienced in working with prescription strength skin care products that are available in our office.


medical esthetician charlotte nc

Heather is one of only 5 nurses in the entire New York City region to hold the title of Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS), which is a prestigious recognition awarded by the American Academy of Plastic Surgical Nurses. As a member of this elite group of nurses, she has mastered the art of injecting Botox and every filler currently on the market. Heather has also mastered several innovative injection techniques such as MicroTox™, the Nefertiti lift, and Dermasculpt cannulation method of injecting. Heather is a national trainer for Cosmofrance, the makers of Dermasculpt injection cannulas. Heather has been a successful aesthetic nurse injector for nearly 6 years, licensed to inject in 26 states. She uses the Golden Ratio for proportionality with injectibles. The Golden Ratio is the union of science, math, and art in aesthetics; and its unique pi ratio (3.14159265) identifies specific facial zones that require attention, measuring length and height of

the brow, forehead height, length of nose, width and depth of the lips, the apex of the cheek and much more. The unique manner in which Heather measures proportions will unleash your beauty potential. Personally, Heather’s favorite procedure is Botox.



Charlotte Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Marko is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery today, with a retinue of long-term and satisfied clientele, and has dedicated his career to enhancing both the images and lives of his patients.

Dr. Marko’s quest to provide his patients with the latest state-of-the-art technology has driven much of his post-graduate continuing education.