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We want to help you to find integrative care to help and healthy option in our city. We support innovative options for preventative care and well being to help you live your best life.




Dr. Stephenson developed Pure Cardiology to fulfill his vision to create a unique and innovative medical practice founded on the principles espoused by the integrative medicine model, one that aspires to be patient centered and holistic with focus on health and wellness rather than disease. 


By partnering with patients, being fully present, attentive to their personal needs, and taking into account their unique lifestyle and life story, Dr. Stephenson strives to help his patients restore vitality naturally, and hence minimize, if not eliminate, dependence on prescription medications and need for costly and potentially risky invasive procedures.


In order to achieve this end, Dr. Stephenson, your personal integrative cardiologist, will tailor a lifestyle and nutrition program that will serve as a catalyst for health restoration by exploiting your body’s innate capacity to heal itself.  By combining the best of conventional medicine with carefully scrutinized complimentary therapies such as nutraceutical supplements as well as mind/body approaches, Dr. Stephenson will help you achieve a level of health you may never thought possible.



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