microneedling collagen induction therapy and scar remodeling

Dermapen’s® microneedling is a vertical stamping technique with the depth of penetration up to 2.5mm. That makes treating burn and surgical raised scars superior to other method for scar tissue remodeling. 12 needles total and sized at thirty-three guage penetrate difficult scar tissue dramatically improving appearance, texture, elasticity, size and mobility reducing therefore scars appearance.

dermapen microneedling scar treatment

fraxel laser scar treatment

Made possible by the advances in laser communication technology, 125 to 250 microscopic laser beams are delivered into the skin. Each beam heats both the epidermis and dermis, allowing both superficial and deep treatment. Although 1,000 to 2,000 pulses are delivered in each square centimeter, skin cells between the beams are not affected thereby allowing for quick recovery. By treating a whole area such as the face with 3-6 sessions, the whole zone eventually is fully treated.


fraxel scar removal

Skinmedica scar treatment gel

Helps to minimize the appearance of scars with Centelline™ - a synergistic complex comprising Centella asiatica, Bulbine frutescens and Oleuropein.


Begin using Scar Recovery Gel as soon as the wound has healed or the sutures have been removed. The use of Scar Recovery Gel should continue until the scar matures and appears flat and white without redness.

  • Helps support key aspects of scar formation to reveal smooth, clear skin

  • Clinically tested to provide earlier and greater overall improvements in the appearance of scars

  • Specialty key ingredients that are naturally-derived

  • Soothing lightweight gel

  • Easy application, just twice daily


Topical advanced formula of Vitamin C Serums are essential to ensure full skin regeneration response after your treatment.